What Are The Kinds of Online Slots?

An online slot is a game that is traditionally played on a slot machine but which is now played through the internet via smart phones or other hand held android devices. The game can also be played using a laptop.

There are two main types of online slots

  1. The first one is the type which can be downloaded directly into the device and then played only from it. This type is known to be data cruncher and also a space consuming application. People who play the game online prefer to still download the application and play as it provides them safety from internet hackers and phishers. Also, the download restricts the download of other unwanted characters like the cookies.
  2. The second one and the less preferred type is the one that does not require any downloads. It can be launched instantaneously through the World Wide Web using the Adobe flash player.

The classic game of slots is also the most popular online slot game – play online slots online in UK. It has three reels and just a single winning payline. They may also have larger number of paylines according to the preference of the players.

The game is in its simplest form and does not have any bonus rounds to play for. They do not have symbol options such as scatter symbol or wild symbol or other exotic symbols.

  1. Wild symbols: a wild symbol has the capability to substitute with another symbol to create a line win during the game. They are actually mirror images of other symbols with which they can be swapped to win. They are further divided into sticky wild, expandable wild, etc.
  2. Scatter symbols: these symbols randomly appear and can give the player a freak chance of an extra spin or other cash prizes. A single scatter may not be able to generate any big deals but a set number of them can allow for free spins or some award.